Product Overview

Omni-Directional Fay-Prince Trap

Mosquito and Sandfly Traps

Day or nighttime collection of mosquitoes and sandflies including specific traps for Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus or gravid Culex mosquitoes. Battery-powered traps feature incandescent or blacklight (UV), downdraft or updraft fans, CO2 release and photocell control.


Light-Weight Townes TrapOther Entomological Traps

Proven insect flight collection traps made from sun-resistant polyester with double or triple sewn seams and other entomological traps. Models include The Standard 6-Meter Malaise Trap, The Migration Trap, and The Light-Weight Townes Trap.


Collection Bottle RotatorProgrammable Collection

Segregate the catch into distinct time periods with programmable collection controlled by an advanced timer.


319cadDroplet Samplers (Impingers)

Use our Aerosol Droplet Samplers to accurately calibrate spraying equipment.


Improved Prokopack Aspirator In UseAspirators

Collect mosquitoes and other larger species with our CDC-designed (battery-powered) backpack aspirators. For manually aspirating mosquitoes and sandflies in the lab and field, use our mouth aspirator with optional HEPA filter.  And we have introduced this year a new 6-volt two-speed aspirator for moving sand flies and mosquito adults between cages, etc.  


Larval - Pupal SeparatorLaboratory and Field Equipment

Separate the developmental stages, sexes, and species of mosquitoes by size with the improved larval-pupal separator. Test water sources for the presence of mosquito larvae and pupae with the mosquito dipper. 


Battery and Charger, 6VBatteries, Chargers & Test Instruments

Keep your trap running at top performance with the right battery and charger along with our extensive battery tutorial. Troubleshoot problems with our test instruments.


Photocell-Controlled CO2 ReleaseAccessories, Spare Parts, & Options

Customize a trap for your application with our many accessories and options.