Accessories, Spare Parts, & Options

Customize a trap for your application with our many accessories, spare parts, and options including CO2 release, photoswitches, timers, collection cups, and replacement lamps.

Mosquito Trap Parts

P/N Description
1.30 Air-Actuated Gate System
Our patented gate system employs a butterfly check valve downwind of the motor which is opened by air from the fan and closed by counter-balancing weights. The gates and pivot shafts are made of stainless steel and are entirely maintenance free. Use in Trap Models 112, 512, 712, 812, 912, 1012, 1212. 
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4.10 Motor and Fan for Miniature Traps (6-volt)
4.14 Motor and Fan for New Jersey Trap Model 1112 (110 Volt AC)
4.30 Battery Cables (please specify trap or describe)
8.INT Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply that comes in a waterproof housing, used with traps like the 512.
8.EXT Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply that is put into traps where the housing provides protection, e.g. 1012, 1212 traps.
1012.5 Motor Plate used in traps Model 1012, 1212, etc.
5412 Improved Separator for the Developmental Stages, Sexes and Species of Mosquitoes.
This mechanical device is designed and manufactured for the separation of the developmental stages, sexes, and species of mosquitoes.

C02 Release Options

P/N Description
1.10 Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo), P/N 1.1Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo) The addition of dry ice which involves CO2 gas, results in significant increases in the number and diversity of mosquitoes caught and makes the location of the trap less critical. Our Insulated Dry Ice Container is simply a modified Igloo® drink cooler with stainless steel hardware to make it easy to use with 2kg of dry ice. The insulation slows the rate of sublimation and by hanging the trap from the hook below the cooler, the CO2 is released at the correct location, right above the trap.
1.15 Photoswitch-Controlled CO2 release option for Model 1012 trap. (requires retrofit at factory of the Model 1012 trap). Note: The New Standard Miniature Light Trap with Photocell-Controlled CO2 contains this option. CO2 Retrofit Instructions
1.18 CO2 adjustable regulator, filter, orfices, & tubing. For non-photo controlled use, e.g., PN 512.
1.80 PhotoSwitch-Activated CO2 Low-Pressure Shut-Off Valve.

PhotoSwitches & Timers

P/N Description
1.60 PhotoSwitch LCS-2 for Trap Model 512
LCC-2 Retrofit Instructions
1.64 Programmable PhotoSwitch circuit (LCS-3) for the New Standard Traps Models 1012 and 1212.
1.68 PhotoSwitch for New Jersey Model 1112 trap, rated at 120 volts
1.90 New Jersey 24 hour timer, rated at 120 volts
1.98 New Jersey 7-day programmable timer, rated at 120 volts.
4012 Universal Programmable Timer for 12 VDC operation.
Universal Programmable Switch Model 4012 is a timer designed to allow almost compete flexibility in scheduling the operation of 12 VDC electrical equipment. The clock is a completely solid-state quartz-based timer that can be programmed with up to eight pairs of on/off events scheduled for each day of the week.

Replacement Lamps and Inverter Ballasts

P/N Description
3.10 Replacement Lamp model CM-47 for Trap Model 512, rated at 6.3 volts.
3.15 Replacement Lamp model CM-44 for Trap Model 1012, rated at 6.3 volts.

New LED replacement lamp for any trap using a CM-44 or CM-47
The white LED lamp with miniature bayonet base uses 6.3 VDC and only draws 20 mAmps.  This is in marked contrast to the 150 and 250 mAmps for the CM-47 and CM-44, respectively.  Extremely long life and cool operating temperature.  Can be used in the following trap models: 512, 512.MIL, 1012, 1012.GATE, 1012.co2, and 1012.MIL. 

3.30 Replacement Florescent F4T5 BLB (UV) Lamp for Trap Models 812, 912, 1212 and 1312.
1.43 Inverter Ballast for BLB (UV). Please specify voltage of trap, 6 or 12 VDC input.
3.40 Replacement Rough-Service Lamp for Trap Model 1112, rated at 25 watts, 110 volts AC.

Collection Bags & Cups

P/N Description





Killing Jar and Assembly. 

1.40 Single-Ring Collection Bag- regular mesh
1.41 Cloth for Collection Cup
1.42 Collection Bag, Single-ring, fine mesh
1.44 New Collection Cup, Standard Mesh
1.45 Collection Bag, Double Ring, Fine Mesh only
1.49 New Collection Cup, Fine Mesh
1719.5 Collecting Chamber for Frommer Updraft Gravid Trap Model 1719
1.70 Spare Bottle and Lid for Trap Model 1112, Killing Jar Assembly Model 1.20, and Collection Bottle Rotator Model 1512.
1.94 Fine Mesh Replacement Cone Assembly for New Jersey Model 1112 trap.
80.00 Sun Resistant Entomological Polyester Fabrics
Fine mesh “No seeum”. Ordered by the yard and 54″ wide. Contact us for colors.

Flight Trap Parts

P/N Description
5.10 Dry/Wet Collection Heads (pair) for flight traps Models 3012 and 3212.
5.20 Alcohol Collection Heads (pair) for flight traps Models 3012 and 3212.
5.30 Dry/Wet Collection Heads (pair) for Townes Trap Model 3412.
3412.5 Adjustable aluminum tent pole for use with the Townes Trap Model 3412.

Aspirator Parts

P/N Description
1.00 6 Regular Mesh Stainless Steel Collection Cups for use with the Model 1412 and Model 1419 Aspirators.
1.01 6 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Collection Cups for use with the Model 1412 and Model 1419 Aspirators.
4.18 Suction motor and housing for Model 1412 Aspirator.

Aerosol Collection Slides

P/N Description
6.25 Magnesium-Oxide-coated Slides for Models 212, 312. Not reusable. Size: 25 x 75-mm (Box of 24 slides).
6.26 Teflon-coated Slides for Models 212, 312.  Reusable.  Size: 25 x 75-mm (Box of 24 slides).
6.27 Teflon-coated Acrylic Rods for FLB Sampler Model 319.  Reusable.  Size: 3 x 75-mm (Box of 25 rods).

Collection Bottle Rotator Parts

P/N Description
 1512.1  Gear motor, 12 VDC
 1512.2  Programmable Timer, 12 VDC