Light-Weight Townes Trap

The Light-Weight Townes Trap Model 3412 is about 2 meters long, made of sun-resistant polyester, and comes complete with a single aluminum and polypropylene wet-and-dry collection head.  The Odonate Townes Trap Model 3419 is also available with a large-intake size for dragonflies (Odonata) and other large insects.

Light-Weight Townes Trap - Front View


  • Free-standing compact design
  • Collection head can be used wet or dry.
  • Sun-Resistant polyester fabric.
  • All seams double or triple sewn.
  • Model 3412 Manual




Wet/Dry Collection Head photo

Wet/Dry Collection Head

Design Characteristics

The trap was developed by Dr. H. Townes (A light-weight Malaise trap. Entomol. News, 83: 239-247).

Standard Wet/Dry Collection Heads

The Light-Weight Townes Trap is a single-headed trap that comes supplied with an interchangeable aluminum/polypropylene wet-and-dry collection head.

When used dry, the catch will eventually die within the heads from exhaustion or heat as the bottle acts as a greenhouse. However, when allowing the catch to die slowly, delicate specimens tend to be dismembered by the death throws of larger insects and everything is covered with Lepidoptera scales.

To prevent damage to specimens, you can use the collection head “Wet” with a killing agent secured within the bottle. Killing agents can include DDVP, KNC, NaCN, a fumigating insecticide (like ethyl acetate), Either 95% ethyl, or isopropyl alcohol.

Tote bag, nylon, breathable (P/N 3412.7)

Galvanized heavy-duty tent peg stakes (P/N 3412.6)

Included Items

The Light-Weight Townes Trap Model 3412 includes:

  • Sun-resistant polyester fabric trap with and all seams double or triple sewn.
  • Tie-down rope
  • One wet/dry collection head (P/N 5.30)
  • Instructions


P/N Description
3412 Light-Weight Townes Trap
3419 Odonate Townes Trap with large-intake size for dragonflies and other large insects
3412.5 Adjustable aluminum tent pole for use with the Townes Trap Model 3412.
3412.6 Galvanized heavy-duty tent peg stakes, PVC tops, 10-in. long and 0.3-in. diameter
3412.7 Tote bag, nylon, breathable, dimensions 17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25 in.
5.30 Dry/Wet Collection Heads (pair) for Townes Trap Model 3412