Droplet Samplers (Impingers)

Use our Aerosol Droplet Samplers to accurately calibrate spraying equipment and eliminate the need to hand-wave slides in the aerosol cloud. It also allows determining the extent of the drift or penetration through vegetation of the aerosol cloud. The samplers are designed to collect insecticide aerosol droplets on Teflon-coated 25 by 75-mm microscope slides or 3 by 75-mm rods (for oil-based formulations) or Magnesium Oxide-coated 25 by 75-mm wide slides (for water-based formulations).

Florida Latham Bonds (FLB) Droplet SamplerFlorida Latham Bonds (FLB) Droplet Sampler

The Florida Latham Bonds (FLB) Droplet Sampler Model 319 is the recommended sampler for applicators that have moved to smaller emission spectra (DV0.5’s of 12-30 μm) associated with newer high pressure systems, air assist nozzles, high speed rotary atomizers or other atomizers.


Compact Aerosol Droplet SamplerCompact Aerosol Droplet Sampler

The Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312 is the recommended sampler for measuring the sprays from conventional spray systems with DV0.5‘s in excess of 50 μm.  The Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler comes with four internal, alkaline, and replaceable AA batteries.