Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler

The Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312 and is designed to collect insecticide aerosol droplets on Teflon-coated 25 by 75-mm microscope slides (for oil-based formulations) or Magnesium Oxide-coated 25 by 75-mm wide slides (for water-based formulations).

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  • Accurately calibrate spraying equipment.
  • Use with oil-based preparations on Teflon-coated slides.
  • Use with water-based formulations on Magnesium Oxide-coated slides.

Critical to the effective use of adulticides in mosquito control is the measurement of spray volume and droplet size characterization. A recent critical, scientific, and very well-written review of ultra-low-volume space sprays for mosquito control (Bonds 2012) says this about droplet size: “Droplet size is a principal factor affecting the efficiency of space sprays for the control of adult mosquitoes as droplet size is directly related to the transport and collection efficiency. Two of the most important requirements for an optimum droplet size are that droplets must be small enough to be produced in sufficient numbers for probability of contact and large enough to impact or impinge readily on the body surface of adult mosquitoes.”

Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312

Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312

Design Characteristics of the Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312:

  • Rotate 1 by 3” microscope slides coated with either:
    • Teflon tape for oil-based sprays (PN 6.26) (multiple uses) or
    • Magnesium-oxide (PN 6.25) for water-based sprays (single use).
    • Outside radius of swing of 6.3” (16 cm).
    • Turns at a rate of 3.6 m/sec.
  • Considered the industry standard for sampling insecticide aerosols for agriculture and public health (Bonds et al. 2009). It is the recommended sampler for measuring the sprays from “conventional spray systems” sprays with DV0.5‘s in excess of 50 μm (Barber et al.  2004).
  • It has had its performance well characterized for sampling public-health aerosols; see the following PDF’s:
    • A Field Measurement Device for the Aerosols Used in Mosquito Control (Barber et al. 2004)
    • Volumetric Collection Efficiency and Droplet Sizing Accuracy of Rotary Impactors (Fritz et al. 2011)
    • Aerosol Sampling: Comparison of Two Rotating Impactors for Field Droplet Sizing and Volumetric Measurements (Bonds et al. 2009)
Teflon-Coated Slides, Reusable, P/N 6.26

Teflon-Coated Slides, Reusable, P/N 6.26

The Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler Model 312 features:

  • Four internal, alkaline, and replaceable alkaline AA batteries (Energizer Industrial rated at 1,100 mAmps each).
  • On/off switch.
  • Provides ca. four hours of operation per set of batteries.


  • Requires 25 by 75-mm microscope slides (purchased separately, see options below)


P/N Description
312 The Compact Aerosol Droplet Sampler, complete with 4 ea. AA alkaline batteries.
6.25 Magnesium Oxide-coated.  Slides not reusable.  Slides measure 1 by 3” (25 by 75-mm), 1.0-mm thick.  For use with the Model 312.  Box of 24 slides.
6.26 Teflon-coated.  Slides can be cleaned with alcohol.  For use with either the Model 312 or the 212.  Slides measure 1 by 3” (25 by 75-mm), 1.0-mm thick.  Box of 24 slides.