Programmable Collection

Segregate the catch into distinct time periods with programmable collection controlled by an advanced timer. Get almost complete flexibility in the collection schedule which may range from a few hours to weeks.

Collection Bottle Rotator Model 1512

The Collection Bottle Rotator

The Collection Bottle Rotator Model 1512 is a device which allows segregating the catch of any of our miniature mechanical or pheromone traps or a collection device of your design into 8 bottles over periods of time determined by a programmable timer.


Universal Programmable SwitchUniversal Programmable Switch

Universal Programmable Switch Model 4012 is a timer designed to allow almost compete flexibility in scheduling the operation of 12 VDC electrical equipment. The clock is a completely solid-state quartz-based timer that can be programmed with up to eight pairs of on/off events scheduled for each day of the week.