About Us

Founded in 1976, The John W. Hock Company has become experts in designing and manufacturing insect sampling devices used in scientific research. We are located in Gainesville, Florida, host to the University of Florida and perhaps the largest single collection of entomologists in the world. Our goal has always been to provide well-constructed sampling devices of known utility to students, researchers, and operational programs.

In addition to manufacturing collection devices and laboratory equipment, the John W. Hock Company has a research component and has collaborated many times with the US Department of Defense and other federal and state agencies  to develop novel trapping devices and generators of carbon dioxide.

The John W. Hock Company over the years have built custom traps and devices for single users; usually by only word of mouth, others hear of them, order them, and they become part of our product line.  The Mayfly Updraft Blacklight (UV) Trap Model 3519 is an example from 2012; it was developed in concert with Matthew Green, a graduate student at North Carolina State University.  Another example is the Frommer Updraft Gravid Trap Model 1719 for collecting gravid Culex; this was developed in response to a request from Dr. Robert Frommer, formerly with the Manatee County Mosquito Abatement District in Florida for a Culex trap that produced pristine specimens as the catch does not go through the aspiration fan.  A third example is the Harris County Mosquito Abatement District’s (HCMAD) ruggedized Sewer Trap Model 519.55 in Texas; we developed this in collaboration with Dr. Ray Parsons, formerly director of HCMAD.  Their need was for a bullet-proof trap that would be suspended under the lid of storm sewers for catching their West Nile virus mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus.  A final example is the Hamer Floating Emergence Trap for Catch Basins and Wells Model 619; this was developed in concert with another graduate student, Gabe Hamer while he was pursuing his PhD at Michigan State University.  Here is an article from the American Mosquito Control Association of this trap (Hamer et al. 2011. JAMCA) and a poster on the Floating Emergence Trap.

So if you have an idea, need something special or see a need, let us know!  Everyone benefits from collaboration.  If we think your idea has potential for others, we may add it to our product line and there is no developmental costs to you.

Our company is considered for USA purchasing purposes to be a small business that is wholly woman-owned. Our federal identification is FID59-2191651.