Laboratory and Field Equipment


Larval - Pupal SeparatorLarval – Pupal Separator

The Improved Larval-Pupal Separator (Model 5412)  is a high quality laboratory device designed and manufactured for the separation of the developmental stages, sexes, and species of mosquitoes by size.


Mosquito Dipper for Larvae and PupaeMosquito Dipper for Larvae and Pupae

The Mosquito Dipper for Larvae and Pupae (Model 320) is a patented telescoping water sampling dipper primarily intended for use by Vector Control field technicians for the purpose of testing water sources for the presence of mosquito larvae and pupae.


Chapin Professional Stainless Residual SprayerChapin Professional Stainless Residual Sprayer

The Chapin Professional Stainless Residual Sprayer 1/2-gal (5.7 litre) is a professional pest control sprayer for putting down residual sprays of insecticide. They are American-made and of extremely durable construction. The 1.5-gal. stainless steel tank has a with wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. These units are compatible with most commercial and industrial pesticides and feature Chapin’s dripless shut-off for precise application and control. The unit comes with either a single plastic fan (PN 119A) or a multi-tip brass nozzle and crack/crevice attachment (PN 119B).