Larval – Pupal Separator

The Improved Larval-Pupal Separator (Model 5412)  is a high quality laboratory device designed and manufactured for the separation of the developmental stages, sexes, and species of mosquitoes by size.  One its first uses was to separate thousands of male and female Anophelese albamanus pupae per day in a sterile male control program in El Salvador.  It has been used to separate the aquatic immatures of  other orders as well.

Larval - Pupal Separator


  • The Improved Larval/Pupal Separator was was originally described in an article appearing in the Journal of Medical Entomology (Vol. 17, no. 6: 567-568, 30 December 1980).
  • The improvements we made focused on increasing the structural rigidity of the device and making it impervious to water by the extensive use of powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass, and stainless steel hardware.  All aluminum metal parts are powder-coated for resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning.
  • The top, moveable pane of glass is tempered for strength and safety.
  • Model 5412 Manual 
  • Instructions for the 5412 platen angle spacer (for models shipped between July and December 2021)

Design Characteristics

  • The base with rubber feet is made of a waterproof plywood covered on all sides by white plastic laminate.
  • The supporting hardware is made of stainless steel fasteners and aluminum bases and pivoting upper mounts to make the angle of the platen adjustable.
  • The aluminum platen is reinforced with a 2 by 4″ by 1/8″ thick back stiffener that runs the complete width of the platen support which supports the rear glass.
  • The rear glass plate is white and opaque  and attached to the platen with marine-grade two-part epoxy.  The edge of glass plate and powder-coated platen are sealed with marine-grade silicone caulk.
  • The front glass is 3/8-in thick float glass; the four holes for the screw mechanism and self-aligning bushings were drilled and then the plate was tempered for safety.
  • Below the rear glass is a powder-coated trough which focuses the discharge of water and aquatic immatures in to a rearing pan below (not supplied).
  • The front glass plate is tempered and supplied with an acrylic plastic deflector along the top edge; this deflector helps in pouring a slurry of aquatic immatures into the opening wedge between the glass plates.
  • The screw mechanism is machined stainless steel.  The threaded pillow blocks are replaceable permitting essentially an unlimited lifespan.

Included Items

The Larval – Pupal Separator Model 5412 comes complete with:

  • The base, all supporting hardware, the platen and platen angle adjuster, and the glass plates and spacing adjustment screw mechanisms
  • Instructions