New Standard Miniature Incandescent Light Trap

The New Standard Miniature Incandescent Light Trap Model 1012 features 100% light output and maximum airflow for superior catch results. The internal programmable photoswitch can control any combination of motor and/or light on and off at dusk and dawn.

New Standard Miniature Incandescent Light Trap Model 1012

Full view of the Model 1012, suitable for both mosquitoes and sandflies, with the standard collection cup assembly. Removable collection cup is made of polypropylene and is removable from the connecting net. Bottom of cup has 30-mesh screen.


  • Get 100% incandescent light output for the brightest light possible.
  • Control motor and light with programmable photoswitch.
  • Use with collection cup or killing jar.
  • Downdraft fan keeps catch in the collection bag.
  • Optional Air-Actuated Gate System traps catch when the fan is off.
  • Registered as a National Stock Number.
  • Available in CO2 release and Blacklight (UV) models.
  • Model 1012 Manual
  • CO2 Retrofit Instructions

Maximal Light Output

The Model 1012 trap emits 75% more light than any other incandescent trap on the market. New ABS formed rainshield and clear acrylic body reflects and transmits light downward like a street light as well as straight out. The new PhotoSwitch, unlike any on the market today delivers 100% of battery voltage to the light and motor. This means the incandescent bulb delivers a bright and white light as designed, not a yellowish light with most energy lost as heat (infrared).

Model 1012 Without Collection Cup

Close-up view of Model 1012 without the collection cup.

Maximal Air Flow

The new PhotoSwitch delivering 100% of battery voltage means motor RPM’s are ca. 20% greater than other miniature light traps using PhotoSwitches. Coupled with our low-silhouette grill, air flow in substantially superior to other models.

Easy To Use

The trap can be programmed into the various modes without a magnifying glass or tweezers… and, no jumpers to lose. The motor can be replaced with only a screwdriver.

Internal Programmable PhotoSwitch

The internal programmable photoswitch can control any combination of motor and/or light on and off at dusk and dawn.

Model 1012 PhotoSwitch (LCS-3)

Close-up view of the model 1012 photoswitch circuit. Note the easy access to the rocker switch.

  • Mode 1 Motor & light on at dusk, both off at dawn.
  • Mode 2 Motor & light on at dusk, light off at dawn, motor remains on.
  • Mode 3 Motor & light independent of light level, connected traps runs.

Included Items

The New Standard Miniature Incandescent Light Trap Model 1012 includes:

  • Trap Assembly with light, motor and fan.
  • Internal Programmable PhotoSwitch
  • Lid
  • Collection Cup
  • Power Cable
  • Instructions


  • The trap draw is 0.5 Amps/hour at 6 volts.
  • A Sealed, Gelled-Electrolyte Battery, 6 volt, 12 Amp Hours (PN: 2.30),
  • Or a Four D-cell External Battery Holder (PN: 1.50) with alkaline D-cells,
  • Or a Constant Voltage Power Supply (CVPS) (PN: 8.07) that will allow the trap to operate on any voltage between 4 and 24 VDC.  Using this in concert with alkaline D-cells enables 100% fan and light output while using 95% of the batteries’ capacity.  The CPVS would also enable you to use the light weight and compact Li-ion battery case and batteries (PNs 1.40 & 2.10). 

See the options below or the batteries and chargers product page for more information.


P/N Description
1.15 Photoswitch-Controlled CO2 release option (requires retrofit at factory of the Model 1012 trap). Note: The New Standard Miniature Light Trap with Photocell-Controlled CO2 contains this option.CO2 Retrofit Instructions





Killing Jar and Assembly

1.30 Air-Actuated Gate System
1.42 Collection Bag, Single-ring, fine mesh
1.49 New Collection Cup, Fine Mesh
1.44 New Collection Cup, Standard Mesh
1.45 Collection Bag, Double Ring, Fine Mesh only
1.64 Programmable PhotoSwitch circuit for the New Standard Traps Models 1012 and 1212.
1.50 4 D-cell External Battery Holder
2.30 Sealed, Gelled-Electrolyte Battery, 6volt, 12 Amp Hours (requires a charger).
3.15 Replacement Lamp model CM-44 for Trap Model 1012, rated at 6.3 volts.
3.26 LED replacement lamp, uses 6.3 VDC and only draws 20 mAmps.
4.10 Motor and Fan for Miniature Traps (6-volt)
8.INT Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply