CDC Fay-Prince Trap

The CDC Fay-Prince Trap Model 712 is a daytime trap which is quite specific for Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus adults of both sexes. It was designed by the Technical Development Laboratory of CDC. Baited with CO2, it is the trap of choice for Aedes sierrensis.

CDC Fay-Prince Trap


  • Specific for Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus adults of both sexes.
  • Recommended option: the Insulated Dry Ice Container for CO2 release (PN: 1.10).
  • Use with collection bag or (optional) killing jar.
  • Downdraft fan keeps catch in the collection bag.
  • Available in a Blacklight (UV) Trap Model 812.
  • Model 712 Manual

Design Characteristics

The Fay-Prince trap (Fay and Prince, 1970) was specifically designed and field tested for the collection of Aedes aegypti by scientists from the Technical Development Laboratories of the Communicable Disease Center, DHHS. The design is based upon the attractiveness of contrasting gloss black and white panels and employs a wind-orienting cover and cylinder that houses a suction motor and supports the collection bag or killing jar.

CO2 Release

Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo), P/N 1.10

Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo), P/N 1.10

The addition of dry ice which sublimates CO2 gas, results in significant increases in the number and diversity of mosquitoes caught and makes the location of the trap less critical. Used in the afternoon, it allows the collection of diurnally active mosquitoes that are not normally attracted to light traps. Our Insulated Dry Ice Container is simply a modified Igloo® drink cooler with stainless steel hardware to make it easy to use with 2 kg of dry ice. The insulation slows the rate of sublimation and by hanging the trap from the hook below the cooler, the CO2 is released at the correct location, right above the trap.

Included Items

The CDC Fay-Prince Trap Model 712 includes:

  • Power Cable
  • Collection Cup
  • Instructions


  • The trap draw is 0.15 Amps/hour at 6 volts.
  • Requires a 6 volt, 12 amp DC battery. See the batteries and chargers product page for options.


P/N Description
1.10 Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo)





Killing Jar and Assembly

1.30 Air-Actuated Gate System
1.42 Collection Bag, Single-ring, fine mesh
1.49 New Collection Cup, Fine Mesh
1.44 New Collection Cup, Standard Mesh
1.45 Collection Bag, Double Ring, Fine Mesh only
4.10 Motor and Fan for Miniature Traps (6-volt)
8.EXT Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply for traps without housing, e.g., 512