Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply (PN: 8.EXT and 8.INT)

Figure 1. Here we see a 6-volt CDC Trap (MN 512) being powered with a common 12-volt battery motorcycle battery available in every country in the world.

We recently developed a power supply for our battery-operated traps that permits use any voltage supply, e.g., alkaline D-cells, sealed lead acid batteries of 6 or 12 volts, or Li-ion batteries. This converter can use any battery source from 5 to 30 VDC. We developed this in response to several malaria control projects in Africa where 12-volt motorcycle batteries and chargers were widely available and the cost of shipping in 6-volt gel cell batteries and chargers was considered prohibitively expensive.

The Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply is available in two options.

  • PN: 8.EXT is a unit that comes in a waterproof housing, e.g. 512
  • PN: 8.INT is put into traps where the housing provides the protection, e.g. 1012, 1212 traps.

Figure 2. Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply (PN: 8.INT) mounted to the New Standard Miniature Light Trap (PN: 1012).

This Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply (PN: 8.INT) can be mounted with the photo switch in our New Standard Miniature CDC Trap, PN: 1012. The 1012 trap when operated with the CVPS at 12 volts only consumes 0.16 amps per hour; a standard 90-amp hour deep discharge battery would run the trap for more than 550 hours or 45-50 twelve-hour trap runs!





The Model 1.50 Holder for 4 D-Cell Batteries.

Figure 3. Waterproof Pelican-brand battery holder (PN: 1.50) for 4 D-cell alkaline batteries.

A second important use is to run the same trap with the CVPS but with disposable alkaline D-cells (Pelican 4 D-cell External Battery Holder, PN: 1.50).  Using our Energizer Industrial D-cells (PN: 2.10.D) the 1012/CVPS unit’s runtime would be >30 hours or at least two twelve-hour trap runs per set of batteries. And the voltage at the trap will remain at the full 6.3 VDC as required.






Other traps that can be used with the Automatic DC-DC Buck/Boost Power Supply (PN 8.07) include: